Calvary Road Christian Summer Camp


If you don’t want to submit the form online you can click the link below to download the file and submit to our school. (Teacher/Pastor Reference form should be filled up by the reference individual)

Volunteer Form

Volunteer Name



Father/Legal Guardian



Mother/Legal Guardian




List of people who are authorized to remove your volunteer from the camp or be called in case of an emergency if parents cannot be reached.

Authorize Person 1

Authorize Person 2


My child has my permission to attend all field trips and other functions by auto, bus, or Metro while volunteering for the CRCS summer Camp. I understand that necessary plans and precautions will be taken for the safety of my child, and I absolve the school from liability to my child because of any injury at camp or during any camp activity not due to negligence. In case of an accident or serious illness, I request the school to contact me. The school has my permission, i nan emergency when I (or my physician) cannot be contracted, to take my child to he emergency room of the nearest hospital and its medical staff have my permission to provide treatment which a physician deems necessary for the well-being of my child.

I understand the dress code of Summer Camp and agree to have my child adhere to dress policies.

I grant permission for CRCS staff and designated contractors or volunteers to photograph/video my son/daughter for possible use in school/camp projects and promotional materials. In addition, I grant CRCS, its employees, agents, successors, licensees, and assigns the irrevocable right and license to use the likeness of my son or daughter on photographs; to crop such photographs at their discretion; to incorporate such photographs into designated school projects and promotional materials at their discretion; to use such photographs or any portion thereof in any manner connected with the above items. I understand that my child’s name will not appear in connection with any and all photographs containing his/her likeness that may  be used in the above project.

I understand that if any time the Summer Camp determines, in its sole discretion, that my actions or the actions of my child, do not support the ministry, or reflect a lack of cooperation and commitment to the home and school working together, the Summer Camp has the right to dismiss the volunteer.

CRCS reserves the right to interview al volunteers and parents before acceptance.

All parties with legal custody of the child must sign.

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Summer Camp Registration Information

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