Summer Camp 2022

June 6 - August 5, 2022

Each week campers will:

  1. Enjoy exciting chapels which include high energy songs of praise and powerful lessons.
  2. Participate in activities, crafts, and games which are related to the
    weekly theme.
  3. Enjoy a day at the pool (weather permitting — Group A pool day is on campus while Groups B & C visit area pools).
  4. Take a trip or enjoy a special event which enhances our weekly theme.

Registration: $50

Preschool: $280/week

Elementary: $290/week

Lunch: $28/week

Hours: 6:45 AM to 6:00 PM


Group A

First Child:$280/week

(Any Additional Children, ea: $270/week)

Group B and C

First Child:$290/week

(Any Additional Children, ea: $280/week)

Theme Weeks for 2021

Pack your suitcase and grab your passport–it’s time to explore the world! Campers will visit a different country each day and get a glimpse of the country’s culture–all without the hassle of lost luggage, security checks and jet lag!  Travelers will learn new languages, taste new foods, play unique games and create beautiful art that represents the places they visit. As campers circle the globe, they will learn about missionaries serving around the world and what it means to tell others about Jesus whether it’s down the street or in different lands. ¡Vámonos! Let’s go!

Grab your hard hat and hammer!  We need your help to BUILD, DESTROY and CONSTRUCT! Will you use Legos? Bricks? Toothpicks? Or maybe even…marshmallows!? As campers explore a world of concrete and cranes, rivets and rebar, bulldozers and backhoes, they will learn to build their faith on Jesus as they uncover the truth that He who began a good work will be faithful to carry it on to completion. We’re all a work in progress, but just wait ‘til you see what God will do!

CRUSADERS….START YOUR ENGINES!  Are you made for speed?  This week we will rev up your engine with all things racing.  Campers will design their own racecar and choose their own sponsors. Racers will study friction and experiment with a variety of ways to make things go fast. Campers will learn that when we put God in the driver’s seat, we are champions!   On RACE DAY, each racer will compete in the CRCS 500!  Who will win? It’s a race to the finish line!

Time to take a trek through the wilderness of Camp Crusader. Lace up your boots for this outdoor adventure, exploring God’s amazing creation and all He has made.  Campers will enjoy hiking, roasting s’mores, investigating bugs and more! We will even try to catch a fish or two.   Bring your appetite, as homemade trail mix and Bug Juice are on the menu. Don’t forget your sleeping bag for the “camp out!” You are sure to be a “Happy Camper” this week!

Celebrate summer and the Fourth of July with water, sand, sun and fun!  We will honor our heroes and create replicas of our beloved national landmarks.  Grab your towel, sand toys and beach bag too! Have you ever been to a Patriotic Beach Party?   Will there be fireworks? Probably not, but this American celebration is sure to make you “Ooh!” and “Ahhh!”

Ready to be wowed by science?  This week is packed with cool reactions and oozing slime.  Campers, put on your goggles and create crazy concoctions while learning about liquids, molecules, chemistry and more! Campers will get to handle laboratory tools and learn about science that sizzles. Are you ready for the wonderful, weird world of science?

It’s time to dive deep, deep under the mysterious sea!  Divers will explore the ocean floor, discover interesting sea creatures and even search for sunken treasures.  You may even encounter some friendly pirates on your voyage! Are you ready to taste delicious “C” food and be amazed by God’s creation?  Grab your goggles, step into your flippers, and dive right in! 

The opening ceremony begins in Athens, Greece where campers will experience the first Olympics. Campers will learn the Olympic creed and play ancient Olympic games. Then it is off to the host country of Japan where campers will learn a few Japanese  phrases {  こんにちは  Konnichiwa!}, create Japanese art and make delicious sushi. Our athletes will also head to the training field to prepare for their events.  The week will finish at the Crusader Olympics where campers (and their Potato Athletes!) will engage in friendly competition to bring home the gold.  GO TEAM USA!

Cool off this week with wet and wild adventures. Encounter creatures from the sea and plan to have a soaking-great time!  Be ready for relays, races and a lot of fun.  Grab your towel, suit, and your extra change of clothes as every day you’ll get soaked!  Friendship and fun will culminate with an end of camp Wacky Water Party!

Theme Weeks for 2022

Has your child been to Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, or the 1950s? In this exciting week, campers journey through time as they explore a variety of different eras and places. Campers will create cool art projects, play games, and hear music that reflects each themed time period or place of travel. Later in the week we will even head to the future and construct inventions that will power our future. Only time will tell what new adventures await this week!

Do you like to paint? Love being on stage? Dance like no one is watching? This is the week for you! Spark imagination and kick creativity into high gear at Spark Studios. Campers will learn that God’s creativity didn’t stop in Genesis-it continues with us through the things we love to do. We will explore art through all different type of media-paint and clay, song and dance, skits and sports, food and nature…the sky is the limit! We will also take a look at a few famous artists and try our hands at their well-known paintings. Come ready to get a little messy, be a little brave and be a lot creative!

Faster than a speeding airplane! More powerful than a locomotive! In this action-packed week, campers explore the super strength we have in Christ. We will create capes, make masks and practice superhero skills. We will learn what to do when you really meet a villain(bully) and how to be a Superhero of faith. Our caped Crusaders will build mighty muscles and attempt to save our counselors from a masked villain! Will each camper graduate from Superhero Academy? Will our counselors be rescued? Grab your cape and fly to camp to find out!

Bring on the piñata, the dancing and the taco tasting! Don’t like eating tacos? You may have more fun at our flying taco battle instead! Are you a pepper person? We’ll taste the “safe” ones and learn about what makes the spicy ones…. hot, hot, HOT! We will play His panic inspired games, cut up tomatoes and avocados for our very own guacamole and learn about Spanish speaking countries around the world. We will end the week with fiesta fun, dancing the Mexican Hat dance and wearing our own sombreros. ¡OLÉ, OLÉ!

Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh, how fun it is! Campers will enjoy things that pop and things that fizz this week! Have you ever tasted a snack that explodes? Have you ever been surrounded by a bubble? Will you win the blow a bubble competition? Campers will pop popcorn in a variety of different ways and enjoy a taste explosion at our popcorn toppings bar. Just wait for the Balloon Bash on Friday…pop, pop, POP!

Be ready for the unexpected this week! Pajama Day, Inside Out Day and a Craziest Hair Contest are on the schedule, but be ready for wacky counselor skits, crazy crafts and ridiculous snacks. Campers will get to show their wacky creativity with recycled materials in the thingamajig competition! Feeling zany? Bring your funniest jokes, riddles and tongue twisters for our Laughathon! 🤣

Let’s learn about large lizards and massive scaly friends! We will go on a dinosaur egg hunt, search for dinosaur footprints and go on a Dino Dig to find fossils. Did you know that the Bible mentions dinosaurs and that God created every single one of them? We will make edible fossil cookies and crack open sparkling geodes. Can you put our dinosaur bone puzzle together before you become extinct? Don’t worry… all campers will survive the dinosaur stampede…or so we hope!

What? No Theme? Just wait! Each day will be packed with surprising snacks, goofy games and exciting events! Campers will get to choose their own adventures and enjoy the most fun Nothing Day ever! No theme means our fun has no bounds! We will play our fan favorite PE games and even create our own. We will compare no name brand snacks with brand name ones and we’ll each plan a personal vacation where “no” is not an option!

Take a group of awesome campers, add some summer heat, throw in a ton of fun water activities and what do you get?! It’s Splashtopia! We will have a SPLASH discovering cool ways to beat the summer heat! Campers are going to get soaked this week and may even get to soak their counselors, too! All the summer’s best cool off tricks will be in full gear…popsicles, water balloons, ice adventures and more!

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