The Arts and Nature Collide When You Visit Lorton,Virginia

The U.S.A. is a country full of cities in which one can easily embrace a vibrant life. From suburbia to the big city life to a quaint small rural settlement – there will always be that home away from home. 

One of these amazing places is Lorton, Virginia. A great place to be included in your next travel destination. It’s a chance to discover fascinating sights and explore beautiful landscapes. By the way, Lorton is the proud home of George Mason. One of the Founding Fathers and the main author of the Bill of Rights. Now that you’ve known that fact, what are some attractions that you should see in Lorton, Virginia?

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Workhouse Arts Center

Here’s your chance to step inside Lorton, Virginia’s largest artist commune. Inside this visual and performing arts center is a sanctuary for those in the creative field. The non-profit organization is located on 55 acres of land and is part of D.C. Department of Corrections Lorton Reformatory. There are more than 100 studios wherein a wide variety of arts and crafts are in practice. Both professional and emerging artists share the space to perfect their craft. 

Workhouse Arts Center caters to the following:

  • Cooperative studios
  • Exhibits for visual arts
  • Event rentals for performances
  • Arts exhibition programs

If you’ve noticed the center is an integral part of the community as it teaches artists to trust their own brand of unique vision.

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Mason Neck State Park

Who plans a weekend vacation without tying it to a visit to a state park? A state park needs to be one of your main destinations when you visit Lorton, Virginia. Mason Neck Park is just a quick driving distance from your home, especially if you’re within the state. If you’re an avid hiker, biker, or jogger, then the park has numerous trails to offer. The trails are classified from easy to intermediate, and it ranges from 1.3 to 7.7 miles. 

But mind you, sometimes, you need to slow down when you visit this park. You’ll miss all the unique natural wonders that it has to offer. There are many amazing things to see here. The distinctive wildlife, trees, and flowers. However, activities are limited until dusk. So be sure to come in early to avail of the different park amenities. This includes a large picnic area, a playground, and a canoe launch.

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Occoquan Regional Park

One of the best things about summer camp Lorton, Virginia is the fact that it is surrounded by greenery and blue skies. One of the most unique parks that is a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of modern living is Occoquan Regional Park. The park is not just home to a dense forest but also houses numerous historic arsenals from the Civil War. Take advantage of the park’s free educational activities. Just stop by the visitor’s center when you arrive and check out the schedule for the day. The activities are varied, like the attractions that you can see at the park. You and your family will definitely enjoy what the part has to offer. Participate in the discovery of the native flora and fauna that are catered for both adults and children. 

In a nutshell, Lorton, Virginia has a level of affordability that offers its residents and visitors numerous opportunities – a lifestyle that is rich in artistic culture and recreational activities. Why don’t you visit it now? Wander a bit and use your camera to immerse yourself in the local culture.

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