Fun and Spiritual Growth: Let Your Child Join Our Christian Camp

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Do you want a more productive summer for your child? There will probably be a lot of options for them, ranging from sports camps or other camps that lean more on the academic side. But why not let them experience a camp that will let them experience both but also encourage them to grow in faith? 

Camp Crusader offers your children just that! 

Our Christian summer camp in Alexandria VA is the summer camp program of Calvary Road Christian School. We have been organizing this program so that children can have a productive outlet to learn and grow spiritually with their peers this summer.

We believe that for children to learn more about God and to pursue Christ-like relationships, they must be exposed to activities and teachings that actually relate to them. That’s why our summer camp has weekly themes every year that children can have fun with. Along with that, we also praise and worship sessions where we gather as a community to rejoice in God. 

Still not convinced that your children should spend their summer with us? Well, we’ll give you four more convincing reasons why our summer camp should be their destination once school ends:

  • We have both indoor and outdoor activities your children will enjoy

Our summer camp has different events each week, and your children can choose which week they would like to join in. Our activities range from outdoor to indoor, with games they can play with their friends and science experiments they can learn from. You better reserve a slot now before they run out!

  • We have field trips for your children to explore new places

Through these field trips, your children will be connected to the world outside of the things they are familiar with. It reinforces hands-on learning, which stimulates their senses. Not only will they be able to acquire useful insight they can use in the future, but they will also have unforgettable memories with their friends. 

  • We have reliable facilitators who will ensure your children’s safety

If you’re worried about your children’s safety, we can guarantee that our facilitators are always keen on monitoring our campers and making sure they stay within the group. They are experienced in managing a large group of children; thus, you can make certain that each child is safe during every activity at all times. 

  • We activities that enable them to learn more about Jesus 

We emphasize that we are a Christian summer camp, so rest assured that your children will not only be experiencing these fun and exciting activities that will help them build relationships with others, but they will also be exposed to activities that bring them closer to God. There will be sessions of prayer, worship, and lectures where they find out more about God’s plan for them and the importance of seeking the Lord in all that they do. 

Want to know more about the activities that await your children at our summer camp in Alexandria VA? No worries, our staff is always ready to answer any of your queries. You can also get a first-hand experience of our facility when you schedule a tour at a time of your convenience.